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ASHTON LAZARUS Last modified date:2020.06.05

Lecturer / Graduate School of Humanities / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. ASHTON LAZARUS, Folk Performance as Transgression: The Great Dengaku of 1096, The Journal of Japanese Studies, 1-23, 44:1, 2018.02, [URL], In 1096 a series of dengaku performances, consisting of boisterous music and dance that originated in rural rice-planting rites, erupted in the Heian capital. Courtier reactions varied: some predicted the downfall of the realm while others joined the festivities, but all agreed it was an extraordinary phenomenon. Scholars have often viewed the event as a popular movement that succeeded, or failed, in occupying elite spaces in the capital and changing the trajectory of performance history. This article instead argues that dengaku created charged spaces of transgression in which social identities and cultural forms were negotiated.
2. ASHTON LAZARUS, Envisioning Difference: Social Typology and Exhaustive Listing in Fujiwara no Akihira's An Account of the New Monkey Music, Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, 89-101, 2014.08.
3. ASHTON LAZARUS, Retelling the Story of a Song: Devotion and Accomplishment in Shakkyōka and Imayō, Yale University Waka Workshop, 2013.03, [URL].