Kyushu University Academic Staff Educational and Research Activities Database
List of Presentations
Rafiqul Islam Maruf Last modified date:2021.12.07

Post-doctoral Fellow / Kyushu University / Medical Information Center / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Islam R, Yokota F, Kikuchi K, Nishikitani M, Izukura R, Sato Y, Rahman M, Sultana N, Nessa M, Ahmed A, Nakashim N, Standardization of Personal Health Records in the Portable Health Clinic System, IMIA MedInfo 2021, 2021.10.
2. Islam R, Kikuchi K, Sato Y, Izukura R, Jahan N, Sultana N, Nessa M, Yokota F, Nishikitani M, Ahmed A, Nakashima N, Maternal and child healthcare service by portable health clinic system using a triage protocol, IMIA Nursing Informatics 2021, 2021.08.
3. R Islam, K Kikuchi, M Nessa, A Ahmed, N Nakashima, Telehealth Service for Ensuring Maternal and Child Healthcare to the Rural Unreached Communities, World Health Conference, 2021.04.
4. R Islam, M Rahman, N Sultana, F Yokota, K Kikuchi, Y Sato, R Izukura, M Nishikitani, A Ahmed, N Nakashima, COVID-19 System in Portable Health Clinic for Patient Follow-up Ensuring Clinical Safety of Both Patients and Health Workers, Int’l Conference of the Asia-Pacific Association for Medical Informatics (APAMI2020), 2020.11.