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List of Presentations
Tomonori Kume Last modified date:2021.06.15

Associate Professor / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Chang TW, Okumura M, Chang KH, Kume T, Jiao LJ, Chen SY, Xu DK, Liu ZN, Kosugi Y. , Comparison of Seasonal Response of Isoprene Emission from Understory Type Bamboo and Canopy Type Bamboo Species. EGU General Meeting 2020. , AGU, 2020.12.
2. Chang TW et al. , Effects of hillslope position on isoprene emission in an abandoned Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) forest. AGU General Meeting 2020. , EGU, 2020.06.
3. Chen YH, Lin PH, Kume T. , Differences in water use characteristics between culm age in a Moso bamboo forest, central Taiwan, 第129回日本森林学会大会, 2018.03.
4. Chiu J, Kume T, Chen CP. , Fine root dynamic and distribution of plantation, bamboo and natural forest by using optical scanner in Central Taiwan, 第129回日本森林学会大会, 2018.03.
5. Chiang MS, Egusa T, Fujime N, Uchiyama Y, Hotta N, Kume T. , Characteristics of sap flux measured in a Cryptomeria japonica forest in Tanzawa Mountains, 第129回日本森林学会大会, 2018.03.
6. Lin MY, Hsieh IF, Lin PH, Cheng CH, Kume T. , Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) Forest as a Significant Carbon Sink: Case Study Based on Four Year Measurement in Central Taiwan, EGU 2017 Genral Meeting, 2017.04.
7. Su MP, Shinohara Y, Laplace S, Lin SJ, Kume T. , Determining Accuracy of Thermal Dissipation Methods-based Sap Flux in Japanese Cedar Trees, EGU 2017 Genral Meeting, 2017.04.
8. Chen ZW, Lin PH, Kume T. , Fine root dynamics in moso bamboo and Japanese cedar forest by scanner method in central Taiwan, EGU 2017 Genral Meeting, 2017.04.