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Anton Schweizer Last modified date:2022.06.23

Professor / Graduate School of Humanities, International MA of Premodern Humanities IMAP / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. Anton Schweizer, “Puppets for the Margravine: Japanese Ephemera and their (Re)Construction in Eighteenth-Century Chinoiserie.”, 21: Inquiries into Art, History, and the Visual 2:1 (Spring, 2021), pp. 3-46. , 2021.04, [URL].
2. Anton Schweizer, “The Elector’s Japan: Reading Export Lacquer in Baroque Germany.” , European Association of Asian Art and Archeology; Brill Publishers , 2018.06, In Patricia Frick and Annette Kieser (eds.): Production, Distribution and Appreciation: New Aspects on East Asian Lacquer Wares..
3. Anton Schweizer, “Kōgeihin toshite no kenzōbutsu: Toyotomi-ki Ōsaka-jō no sōshoku ni kan suru kōsatsu” 工芸品としての建造物:豊臣期大阪城の装飾に関する考察 [Buildings as crafted objects: Some thoughts on the decoration of Osaka Castle during the Toyotomi era]. , Shūbi 聚美 11 (April, 2014), 68-79, 2014.04.
4. Anton Schweizer, Avinoam Shalem, co-authored with Avinoam Shalem: “Translating Visions: A Japanese Lacquer Plaque of the Haram of Mecca in the L. A. Mayer Memorial Museum, Jerusalem.” Ars Orientalis 39 (2010), pp. 148-173., Ars Orientalis, 2010.11.