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List of Presentations
Satoko Fukahori Last modified date:2021.10.07

Professor / The University Education Innovation Initiative

1. Promoting Faculty's Expert Judgment and Institutional Change by Facilitating the Use of Learning Outcomes Assessment Tools - Findings and Challenges of Empirical Research.
2. 深堀聰子, 3つのポリシーに基づく教学マネジメントとは何か- 学位プログラム・レベルでの質保証の実践 -, 関西学院大学高等教育推進センターFD講演会, 2019.12.
3. Fukahori, S. & Saito, Y., Generating Concrete-Level Shared Understandings of Abstract-Level Competences through the Collaborative Development of a Test Item Bank: Based on the Experience of Mechanical Engineers in Japan and Indonesia, World Education Research Association 2019 Focal Meeting in Tokyo, 2019.08.
4. Torii, T., Fukahori, S., Albertine, S.,, Management Tips for Quality in Undergraduate Education: Insights from Japan and an Invitation to International Dialogue., Association of American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting, 2018.01.