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List of Presentations
SICONG CHEN Last modified date:2021.07.12

Associate Professor / Department of Education / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Sicong Chen, The Official Discourse of Social Justice in Citizenship Education: A Comparison between Japan and China, World Education Research Association Focal Meeting 10th Anniversary "Future of Democracy and Education: Realizing Equity and Social Justice Worldwide", 2019.08.
2. Sicong Chen, Hope for Global Citizenship: a search in Japanese and Chinese education policies, 11th Biennial Comparative Education Society of Asia "Education and Social Progress: Insights from Comparative Perspectives", 2018.05.
3. Sicong Chen Yoshifumi Shimizu Robin J.C. Chen, A new model of international student mobility in East Asia: the case of the Asia Education Leader Course, 6th BNU-UCL IOE Conference on "Education and Mobilities: Ideas, People and Technologies", 2017.05.
4. Sicong Chen, Chinese university students' and migrant workers' perceptions of citizenship as identity and their educational implications, 11th CitizED International Conference, 2015.06.
5. Sicong Chen, An investigation of Chinese university students' understanding of citizenship, 9th CitizED International Conference on “West and East Citizenship Education: Encounters the Education for Diversity and Democracy”, 2013.05.
6. Sicong Chen, Activeness and inclusiveness of citizenship in Chinese media and its educational implications, 4th BNU-IOE International Conference on “Education: Equity and Quality in Education”, 2012.10.
7. Sicong Chen, The collision of implications of citizenship between state and society in china: evidence from content analysis of a regional newspaper, International Conference on “Governance and Citizenship in Asia: Paradigms and Practices”, 2011.03.
8. Sicong Chen, Developing global citizenship: the effect of studying abroad, 3th IOE-BNU International Conference on “Education: Education and Citizenship in a Globalising World”, 2010.11.