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Charlène Michelle CLONTS Last modified date:2024.03.27

Associate Professor / Faculty of Humanities - Department of Literatures and Languages (French Studies) (Graduate and Undergraduate) / Department of Language and Literature / Faculty of Humanities

1. CLONTS Charlène, Enacting the world : cognitive sciences from mindfulness to intermedia poetry, Brown Bag Seminar, Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS), Kyushu University, 2023.08, [URL].
2. CLONTS Charlène, Spaces and temporalities in Parodi’s and Tawada’s Out of sight : Fukushima inside out, another way of belonging, ACLA/American Comparative Literature Association, 2022.06.
3. Charlène CLONTS, Claude Favre et la catastrophe migratoire : bifurcations et débordements de la poésie factuelle, Jean Monnet University, France, 2021.05.
4. Charlène CLONTS, La "poésie pratique" de Ghérasim Luca, SJLLF, 日本フランス語フランス文学会, Kyushu Branch, 2022.06.
5. , [URL].
6. CLONTS Charlène, Gherasim Luca's works in Paris, Trinity College Cambridge, Mapping the romanian Avant-gardes (digital humanities), 2016.09.