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List of Presentations
Shizuo Kaji Last modified date:2021.07.27

Professor / Division for Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathmatical Computation / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Shizuo KAJI, Geometry of Kaleidocycles, Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series #2: Mathematics Without Borders−Applied and Applicable, 2021.03.
2. Shizuo Kaji, Geometry of the configuration space of Kaleidocycles, African Mathematics Seminar, 2020.08.
3. S. Kaji, Discrete surface deformation with a specified Gaussian curvature, JST CREST Research Area [Mathematical Information Platform] Project Kickoff International Conference “Evolving Design and Discrete Differential Geometry — towards Mathematics Aided Geometric Design”, 2020.03.
4. S. Kaji, Closed kinematic chains and discrete space curves, Closing Workshop of Joint Project between Austria (FWF) and Japan (JSPS): Geometric shape generation, 2020.02.
5. S. Kaji, Flood prediction by geographic data analysis with GANs and tailored loss functions, Forum-Math-for-Industry 2019, 2019.12.