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Geerhardt Kornatowski Last modified date:2023.07.24

Associate Professor / Department of Cultural Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Toshio Mizuuchi, Geerhardt Kornatowski, Taku Fukumoto, Diversity of Urban Inclusivity: Perspectives Beyond Gentrification in Advanced City-Regions, Springer, 2023.03, [URL], This book explores, situates, and discusses the contours of urban inclusivity amidst and beyond the well-researched neoliberal turn in urban governance. While it is generally accepted that urban social issues are susceptible to global woes, these perceptions draw only limited attention to the plurality of interventions that cities undertake—or facilitate—in managing their social turfs. By addressing the apparent lack of theorizations on everyday heterogeneities in urban place-making, especially in non-Western contexts, this book highlights the role of inclusionary practices by different stakeholders as an explicit pattern of urbanization. It does so by focusing on old urban centralities that have an outspoken history in experimenting with inclusivity.
The book is guided by two interrelated questions: (1) What particular urban settings promote inclusionary features in contrast to the conspicuous exclusionary mechanisms of market-led urbanization, and (2) how do we conceptualize these features in dialogue with concurrent urban theories that continue to grapple with the structural properties of exclusionary urbanization under the auspices of the neoliberal turn and gentrification? To answer these questions, the chapters provide a rich empirical account of inclusionary initiatives by the city governments, the voluntary organization sector, and informal communities, each revealing a unique new set of spatial approaches to urban inclusivity. The book concludes with the political implications of envisioning urban inclusivity as a negotiatory moment between key stakeholder interests in a capitalist society.
Primarily intended for researchers and graduate students in the fields of urban geography, sociology, migration, and welfare studies, the book is also a valuable source for policymakers and practitioners in the fields of social planning and civil society at large..
2. Hong Kong’s social housing initiative: From the perspective of the land (re)development regime.
3. Beyond "gentrification": Efforts towards neighborhood vitalization through local housing markets in Japan and Germany.
4. @Ching, C. & Kornatowski, G., Searching, the Way Home: Narrating Homelessness in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: St. James’ Settlement, ISBN: 978-988-12080-2-6, 2017.08.
5. Places of Interest in the City of Osaka: An Analysis of Current Neighborhood Changes,.
6. @Zufferey, C. & Yu, N., Faces of Homelessness in the Asia Pacific, Routledge, pp. 93-110, 2018.07, Kornatowski, G. & @Wong, H. (2018) “Homelessness in Hong Kong: The Evolution of Official Homeless Assistance and the Context of Housing”.