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List of Presentations
Koji Noshita Last modified date:2023.06.16

Assistant Professor / Department of Biology / Faculty of Sciences

1. Noshita, K. , Characterization of foliage structures using persistent homology analysis, IPPS2022, 2022.09.
2. Noshita, K. , Morphometrics and its applications, Mathematical methods for the studies of flow, shape, and dynamics, 2021.08.
3. Noshita, K., Quantitative Representation of Plant Style as Spacial Pattern of Foliage for Morphometrics on ill-defined Homology, Phenome2020, 2020.02.
4. Toda, Y., Noshita, K., Fujita M., Nakamichi N., Okura, F., Kinoshita T., Shinozaki K., A unified framework for image-based plant phenotyping under controlled growth environment: From image acquisition to phenotype interpretation, 6th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, 2019.10.
5. Noshita, K., Guo, W., Outline-based morphometrics and geometric analysis for leaf shapes in a three-dimensional space, 6th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, 2019.10.
6. Noshita, K, 3D high through-put phenotyping for Smart agriculture, International Smart Agriculture Symposium, 2019.09.
7. Noshita, K., 3D field phenotyping of canopy development in soybean, PBIO Seminar, 2018.11.
8. Noshita, K., Guo, W. , Model-based phenotyping of soybean canopies in early stage under a field condition with a photogrammetry studio, IPPS2018, 2018.10.
9. Noshita, K. and Guo, W. , Model-based morphometrics for plant phenotyping, SMB-JSMB 2018, 2018.07.
10. Noshita, K., Guo, W., Kaga A. and Iwata, H., An image processing pipeline for acquiring 3D morphological information from “noisy” point cloud data, 2017 CIGR World Workshop in Matsuyama, 2017.09.
11. Noshita, K., Guo, W., Kaga A. and Iwata, H. , 3D Point Cloud Phenotyping of Soybean Growth in Early Stage, PAG XXV, 2017.01.