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List of Presentations
HIDEMICHI FUJII Last modified date:2020.04.24

Associate Professor / Department of International Economy and Business / Faculty of Economics

1. Hidemichi Fujii, How does information and communication technology capital affect productive performance in the energy sector?, 13th Joint conference by Kyushu university, Renmin university and Nanjing university, 2018.11.
2. Roman Matousek, Hidemichi Fujii, Shunsuke Managi, Aarti Rughoo, The Financial Crisis and Bank Convergence: Evidence from the European Union and Eurozone, Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting, American Economic Association, 2015.05.
3. Hidemichi Fujii, ○Shunsuke Okamoto, Shigemi Kagawa, Sangwon Suh, Shunsuke Managi, Net emission transfer of toxic chemical substances: Empirical study for U.S. manufacturing industries, 24th IIOA Conference, 2016.07.
4. Hirotaka TAKAYABU, Shigemi Kagawa, Hidemichi FUJII, Shunsuke MANAGI, The Effects of Optimal Production Resource Reallocation on Carbon Footprint of Nations, 24th IIOA Conference, 2016.07.
5. Hidemichi Fujii, Shunsuke Managi, Research and Development Strategy in Artificial Intelligence Technology, The 7th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference, 2016.11.
6. Hirotaka TAKAYABU, Shigemi KAGAWA, Shunsuke MANAGI, Hidemichi FUJII, The Effects of Productivity Improvement on Global CO2 Emissions, 25th IIOA Conference, 2017.06.