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Fujita Takako Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Developmental and Community Health Nursing / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Takako Fujita, Miho Iwaki, Yoko Hatono, The Role of Nurses in the Care of Patients with Parkinson's Disease at Home: A Scoping Review, The 27th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) Conference, 2024.03.
2. Takako Fujita, Akira Babazono, Aziz Jamal, Yunfei Li, The difference between medical and long-term care use among patients with Parkinson’s disease based on severity, East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) Conference 2021, 2021.04.
3. Takako Fujita, Akira Babazono, Peng Jiang, Evaluation of factors affecting the maintenance of smoking cessation among individuals in Japan, TID (Tobacco Induced Diseases) 15th Annual Conference, 2019.10.
4. 後期高齢者における睡眠薬の重複処方実態と決定因子の探索.