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List of Papers
SHINYA TANAKA Last modified date:2024.04.15

Associate Professor / Division of Immunology and Genome Biology / Department of Immunobiology and Neuroscience / Medical Institute of Bioregulation

1. Chisato Ono, Shinya Tanaka, Keiko Myouzen,Takeshi Iwasaki, Mahoko Ueda, Yoshinao Oda,Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Yuta Kochi and Yoshihiro Baba, Upregulated Fcrl5 disrupts B cell anergy and causes autoimmune disease, Frontiers in Immunology, doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1276014, 2023.09.
2. Tanaka, S., Ise, W., Baba, Y. & Kurosaki, T., Silencing and activating anergic B cells., Immunological Reviews, 2021.12.
3. Hosokawa, T., Tanaka, S., Mori, T., Baba, Y., and Katayama, Y., Quiescent B cells acquire sensitivity to cell cycle arresting agents by B cell receptor stimulation, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2022.05.
4. Shinya Tanaka, Wataru Ise, Takeshi Inoue, Ayako Ito, Chisato Ono, Yoshihito Shima, Shuhei Sakakibara, Manabu Nakayama, Kentaro Fujii, Ikuo Miura, Jafar Sharif, Haruhiko Koseki, Pandelakis A. Koni, Indu Raman, Quan-Zhen Li, Masato Kubo, Katsunori Fujiki, Ryuichiro Nakato, Katsuhiko Shirahige, Hiromitsu Araki, Fumihito Miura, Takashi Ito, Eiryo Kawakami, Yoshihiro Baba and Tomohiro Kurosaki, Tet2 and Tet3 in B cells are required to repress CD86 and prevent autoimmunity, Nature Immunology, 2020.08, A contribution of epigenetic modifications to B cell tolerance has been proposed but not directly tested. Here we report that
deficiency of ten–eleven translocation (Tet) DNA demethylase family members Tet2 and Tet3 in B cells led to hyperactivation
of B and T cells, autoantibody production and lupus-like disease in mice. Mechanistically, in the absence of Tet2 and Tet3,
downregulation of CD86, which normally occurs following chronic exposure of self-reactive B cells to self-antigen, did not take
place. The importance of dysregulated CD86 expression in Tet2- and Tet3-deficient B cells was further demonstrated by the
restriction, albeit not complete, on aberrant T and B cell activation following anti-CD86 blockade. Tet2- and Tet3-deficient B
cells had decreased accumulation of histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) and HDAC2 at the Cd86 locus. Thus, our findings suggest
that Tet2- and Tet3-mediated chromatin modification participates in repression of CD86 on chronically stimulated self-reactive
B cells, which contributes, at least in part, to preventing autoimmunity..
5. Shinya Tanaka, Wataru Ise, Yoshihiro Baba and Tomohiro Kurosaki, The Role of TET Proteins in B Cell Biology, Journal of Immunological Science, 2021.02.
6. Kentaro Fujii, Shinya Tanaka, Takanori Hasegawa, Masashi Narazaki, Atsushi Kumanogoh, Haruhiko Koseki, Tomohiro Kurosaki, Wataru Ise, Tet DNA demethylase is required for plasma cell differentiation by controlling expression levels of IRF4, International immunology, 2020.06.
7. Tanaka, S., Jiang, Y., Martinez, G.J., Tanaka, K., Yan, X., Kurosaki, T., Kaartinen, V., Feng, X.H., Tian, Q., Wang, X., and Dong, C., Trim33 mediates the proinflammatory function of Th17 cells., Journal of experimental medicine.
8. Tanaka, K., Martinez, G.J., Yan, X., Long, W., Ichiyama, K., Chi, X., Kim, B.S., Reynolds, J.M., Chung, Y., Tanaka, S., et al., Regulation of Pathogenic T Helper 17 Cell Differentiation by Steroid Receptor Coactivator-3., Cell reports.
9. Cho, M., J.E. Lee, H. Lim, H.W. Shin, R. Khalmuratova, G. Choi, H.S. Kim, W.S. Choi, Y.J. Park, I. Shim, B.S. Kim, C.Y. Kang, J.O. Kim, S. Tanaka, M. Kubo, and Y. Chung., Fibrinogen-cleavage products and TLR4 promote the generation of programmed cell death 1 ligand 2(PD-L2)+ dendritic cells in allergic asthma., Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
10. Ichiyama, K., T. Chen, X. Wang, X. Yan, B.S. Kim, S. Tanaka, D. Ndiaye-Lobry, Y. Deng, Y. Zou, P. Zheng, Q. Tian, I. Aifantis, L. Wei, and C. Dong. , The methylcytosine dioxygenase Tet2 promotes DNA demethylation and activation of cytokine gene expression in T cells..