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List of Presentations
Alexander Ryota KEELEY Last modified date:2023.07.27

Associate Professor / Urban and Environmental Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Measuring Environment, Social, Economic Impact of Energy Technologies Considering Supply Chain – A Novel Integrated Assessment Method, MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2021, 2021.06.
2. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Sustainability Modeling: Challenges and Solutions, WORKSHOP ON ADVANCING METHODS FOR MODELING SYSTEMS TO INFORM SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE, 2021.06.
3. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Renewable Energy and Energy Market: Supply Impact and Demand Change, Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series #3 Environmental Economics, 2021.05.
4. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Measuring environmental, social, and governance impacts of DAC-U system: an integrated assessment method, Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series, 2021.01.
5. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Merit Order Effect: The Impact of Renewable Energy Generation on the Spot Market Price in Germany
, CREST Workshop, Economics-Engineering Modeling for Global and Long-term Issues: Climate Change, Energy and Social Development, 2020.03.
6. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, 新国富指標と持続可能性, 水俣環境アカデミア, 2020.05.
7. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, The Value of Invisibility: Factors Affecting Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy, 15th CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY WATER AND ENVIRONMENT SYSTEMS , 2020.09.