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List of Papers
Takamichi ITO Last modified date:2021.06.05

Associate Professor / Department of Psychology / Department of Human Sciences / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Takamichi ITO, Takatoyo UMEMOTO, Self-Regulation, Co-Regulation, and Socially Shared Regulation of Motivation for Collaborative Activity: Comparison Between University Students and Working Adults (Advance online publication), Japanese Psychological Research,, 2021.04.
2. Takatoyo UMEMOTO, Takamichi ITO, The Relationship between Self-Efficacy, Intrinsic Value, and Emotional Engagement: Using a Cross-Lagged Panel Model, Educational Technology Research, 39, 1, 145-154, 2016.12.
3. Ohtani, Kazuhiro, Okada, Ryo, Ito, Takamichi, Nakaya, Motoyuki, A multilevel analysis of classroom goal structures’ effects on intrinsic motivation and peer modeling: Teachers’ promoting interaction as a classroom level mediator., Psychology, 4, 629-637, 2013.08.
4. Takamichi Ito, Motoyuki Nakaya, Ryo Okada, Peer Modeling of Motivation and Children’s Motivation for Learning, Japanese Journal of Social Motivation, 7, 52-63, 2013.03.
5. Boyun Seo, Namsu Park, Hirohumi Koishi, Takamichi Ito, A Cross-Cultural Study on the Behavioral Characters in Interpersonal Relationship of Korean and Japanese College Students (in Korean), The Korean Journal of Educational Psychology, 25, 201-217, 2011.03.