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List of Papers
Kota Ogawa Last modified date:2023.11.22

Assistant Professor / Biosystematics Laboratory / Department of Environmental Changes / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Yagi, S., Yano, T., Ishiwata, F., Ogawa, K., Matsui, Y., Naka., H., Discovery of Bembecia kaszabi(Căpuşe, 1973)(Lepidoptera, Sesiidae)from Kyushu, Japan., Lepidoptera Science, 印刷中, 2022.12.
2. Fukuda, Y., Ito, N., and Ogawa, K, Description of Larva and Pupa of Chujochilus isensis (H. Kamiya, 1966) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae), with Ecological Characteristics during the Larval Stage , Elytra, Tokyo, New Series, 12, 41-46, 2022.10.
3. Ito, N., Ogawa, K., and Araya, K., A New Record of Epuraea (Dadopora) vicaria Kirejtshuk et Kvamme, 2001 from Kyushu, Japan, Elytra, Tokyo, New Series, 12, 39-40, 2022.10.
4. Kota OGAWA, Chinese peacock Papilio bianor bianor Cramer, 1777 collected in Miyako-jima Island: Investigation of the origin of a stray butterfly based on DNA sequence and morphological comparison, Lepidoptera Science,, 73, 2, 43-52, 2022.09, [URL].
5. Kurihara, Y., Ogawa, K., Chiba, Y., Hayashi, Y., & Miyazaki, S., Thoracic crop formation is spatiotemporally coordinated with flight muscle histolysis during claustral colony foundation in Lasius japonicus queens., Arthropod Structure and Development, 69, 101169, 2022.06.
6. Yongxin Li, Akihito Omori, Rachel L. Flores, Sheri Satterfield, Christine Nguyen, Tatsuya Ota, Toko Tsurugaya, Tetsuro Ikuta, Kazuho Ikeo, Mani Kikuchi, Jason C. K. Leong, Adrian Reich, Meng Hao, Wenting Wan, Yang Dong, Yaondong Ren, Si Zhang, Tao Zeng, Masahiro Uesaka, Yui Uchida, Xueyan Li, Tomoko F. Shibata, Takahiro Bino, Kota Ogawa, Shuji Shigenobu, Mariko Kondo, Fayou Wang, Luonan Chen, Gary Wessel, Hidetoshi Saiga, R. Andrew Cameron, Brian Livingston, Cynthia Bradham, Wen Wang, Naoki Irie, Genomic insights of body plan transitions from bilateral to pentameral symmetry in Echinoderms, Communications Biology volume,, 3, 371, 2020.07.
7. Tomonari Kaji, Chihong Song, Kazuyoshi Murata, Shigenori Nonaka, Kota Ogawa, Yusuke Kondo, Susumu Ohtsuka & A. Richard Palmer , Evolutionary transformation of mouthparts from particle-feeding to piercing carnivory in Viper copepods: Review and 3D analyses of a key innovation using advanced imaging techniques, Frontiers in Zoology , 16, 35, volume 16, Article number: 35 (2019), 2019.08.
8. Murano K, Ogawa K, Kaji T, Miura T, Pheromone gland development and monoterpenoid synthesis specific to oviparous females in the pea aphid., Zoological letters, 4, 9, 2018.05, [URL].
9. Sugime Y, Ogawa K, Watanabe D, Shimoji H, Koshikawa S, Miura T, Expansion of presoldier cuticle contributes to head elongation during soldier differentiation in termites., The Science of Nature, 102, 71, 2015.12, [URL].
10. Ogawa K, Miura T, Two developmental switch points for the wing polymorphisms in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum., EvoDevo, 4, 1, 30, 2013.11, [URL].
11. Ogawa Kota, Ishikawa Asano, Kanbe Takashi, Akimoto Shin-ichi, Miura Toru, Male-specific flight apparatus development in Acyrthosiphon pisum (Aphididae, Hemiptera, Insecta): comparison with female wing polyphenism, ZOOMORPHOLOGY, 131, 3, 197-207, 2012.09, [URL].
12. Ishikawa A, Ogawa K, Gotoh H, Walsh TK, Tagu D, Brisson JA, Rispe C, Jaubert-Possamai S, Kanbe T, Tsubota T, Shiotsuki T, Miura T, Juvenile hormone titre and related gene expression during the change of reproductive modes in the pea aphid., Insect molecular biology, 21, 1, 49-60, 2012.02, [URL].