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Albrecht Ken Last modified date:2023.03.31

Associate Professor / Department of Integrated Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Ken Albrecht, Kimihisa Yamamoto, Dendrimers and electronics, KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU, 10.1295/koron.69.251, 2012.06, Polymeric (high molecular weight) semiconducting materials are expected as a key material for low cost, flexible and printable organic electronics. Especially, due to the unique and uniform molecular structure, dendritic materials have been a focus of constant attention. For example, several dendrimers that have charge transporting units at the terminal and chromophores at the core have been developed. However, laminating polymeric and dendritic materials is difficult, and the application to high-performance devices was limited. In this review, the progress of the semiconductive dendritic materials will be briefly reported, followed by the introduction of new classes of dendrimers containing phenylazomethine (for metal assembling) and carbazole (for photocrosslinking)..
2. Ken Albrecht, Yamamoto Kimihisa, Designing intramolecular potential structure by utilizing dendrimers, kobunshi, 2017.11, Controlling the conformational fluctuation in polymeric systems is usually difficult In this review we introduce a method to reduce the conformational fluctuation of macromolecules by utilizing π-conjugated dendritic structures. These dendritic molecules can be used widely to mimic the functions of proteins, as electronic materials, and as luminescence materials..