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Kazuhiro Yamamoto Last modified date:2022.06.16

Professor / Fundamental particle physics / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Testing Newtonian Entanglement, KEK IPNS-IMSS-QUP Joint workshop, 2022.02, [URL].
2. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, B. L. Hu, J. T. Husiang, S.Y. Lin, Fluctuation-dissipation and correlation-propagation relations in (1+3)D moving detector- quantum field systems, The 29th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan, 2019.11.
3. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Vacuum state as entangled state between left, right, future and past, Quantum Entanglement in Cosmology, 2019.05.