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List of Presentations
Tomonori Otsuka Last modified date:2021.06.01

Assistant Professor / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Otsuka, Tomonori, A Reconsideration on Weak-Phases, 福岡言語学会, 2018.12.
2. Otsuka, Tomonori, On the Asymmetric Behavior of Movements in the Double Object Con-struction, ELSJ International 5th Spring Forum, 2012.04.
3. Otsuka, Tomonori, On a Weak-Phases Paradox, ELSJ International 6th Spring Forum, 2013.04.
4. Otsuka, Tomonori, On the Agreement-Movement Correlation: From a Perspective of Optional Pair-Merge, 関西言語学会第41会大会, 2016.06.
5. Otsuka, Tomonori, On Two Ways of External Pair-Merge, GLOW in Asia XI, 2017.02.