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Natalie Konomi Last modified date:2023.11.27

Professor / Global Strategies Office

1. Prof. Dr. Renate Link, Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany Prof. Dr. Natalie Konomi, Kyushu University, Japan, A Contrastive Analysis of Academic and Campus Cultures in Germany and Japan, International Academy for Intercultural Research IAIR 2023, 2023.07, [URL], Academic and campus cultures widely differ across nations, a difference which is even more striking across continents. This poster aims at highlighting the main differences of academic and campus culture routines in Germany and Japan and at pointing out what each side can learn from each other’s best practices in the field.
Following an inductive approach, the poster includes both a literature-based overview of the essence of Japanese vs. German teaching (cf. Cordaway 2014; FUBIS 2015; Goertz 2018; Stigler & Hiebert 1999) and learning styles (cf. Hlatawy 2009; Hyland 1994) as well as methods used in Japanese vs. German textbooks (cf. JAPANGOV 2017). Based on this synopsis, the poster also refers to empirical comparisons of German vs. Japanese campus life, extra-curricular activities etc. and outlines the first results of a survey conducted among German and Japanese students about their perspectives on academic and campus culture at their home universities. All findings will be related to Meyer’s (2014) cultural dimensions and other cross-cultural research where applicable..
2. 許斐ナタリー, The Ainu – A Renewed Sense of Identity, International Language Week Conference, 2019.10, [URL], Introducing the Ainu's history, culture, and the battle for recognition as indigenous people as well as latest developments, this presentation seeks to identify a renewed sense of identity of the Ainu, older and younger generations, in Japan. Ainu are the indigenous people of part of northern Japan, Hokkaido, the Russian Kurile Islands and parts of the island of Sakhalin. .