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Shunji Kimura Last modified date:2024.04.24

Professor / Integrated Electronics / Department of Electronics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Jiang Zeng, Kaito Kubo, Amila Kariyawasam, Shunji Kimura, Adaptive Forward Error Correction for Power Savings in Optical Access Network, 電子情報通信学会 光通信システム研究会(OCS), 2024.01, This study addresses the escalating power consumption in optical access networks, focusing on minimizing power consumption of Forward Error Correction (FEC) processes. In optical access networks, transmission distances vary for each user. The surplus optical-receiver sensitivity of short-distance ONUs can reduce the burden on the redundancy levels minimizing their power consumption. This article explores the adaptive characteristics of Reed-Solomon (RS) FEC schemes in PON systems. We compare the bit error rate performance and power consumption of error correction codes with different redundancy levels under various signal-to-noise ratio conditions. It is shown that by the adoptive FEC coding schemes, the network can tailor error correction levels to the actual requirements of each optical receiver of ONUs. In the case of short-distance users, an 87.2% saving in FEC power consumption per bit can be achieved in maximum compared to the conventional RS (255,223)..
2. Technical Trends related to Optical Access Networks in ECOC2022.