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List of Presentations
Chika Takatori Last modified date:2021.06.25

Associate Professor / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. 高取 千佳, With/Postコロナ時代の都市農業の新たな可能性, グリーンインフラ・都市農業国際ワークショップ, 2020.11.
2. New possibility of urban agriculture in the with corona era.
3. 水田の歴史的類型による生態的環境と労働生産性の比較および維持管理シナリオの検討.
4. TAKATORI, C., MINAMOTO, K., Impact of Future Compact City Scenarios on Green Infrastructure Management Case Study of Aichi Prefecture, Japan , International Conference 2019 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, 2019.09.
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13. Takatori, C., Urban sustainability and urban climate, 名古屋大学環境学研究科、ドイツ・ドレスデン大学、ドイツ・ライプニッツ生態都市・地域開発研究所の共同JSPS-DFG二国間研究セミナー「持続的でレジリエントな都市計画を目指して」, 2015.09.
14. Takatori, C., Factors that Cause the Rise of Temperature in Modernization for Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change, IALE World Congress, 2015.07.
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16. Takatori, C., Landscape Planning Method in the Shrinking Cities Based on Matrix Structure, ドイツ・ドルトムント工科大学共同シンポジウム「SPATIAL PLANNING IN JAPAN」, 2014.09.
17. Takatori, C., Ishikawa, M., A Research on the Thermal Environment in the center of Tokyo Metropolitan Area based on the Block Structure from Edo period, GeoInfomatics2012, 2012.12.
18. Takatori, C., Ishikawa, M., Hierarchical Evaluation of the Impact on Thermal and Wind Environment by Urban Development Based on Blocks –A Case Study of Kyobashi District, Chuo Ward, Tokyo –, the 16th Inter-University Seminar on Asian Mega-cities, 2011.09.
19. Takatori, C., Ishikawa, M., Change of Matrix Pattern from Meiji Period to Today based on Geographical Feature  –A Case Study in the Center of Tokyo Metropolitan Area; Northern Area of Minato Ward –, the 17th Inter-University Seminar on Asian Mega-cities, 2012.09.
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