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List of Papers
Chika Takatori Last modified date:2021.04.07

Associate Professor / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. Iizuka, S., Xuan, Y., Takatori, C., Nakaura, H., Hashizume, A., Environmental impact assessment of introducing compact city models by downscaling simulations, Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society, in press, 2020.08.
2. Rosa, D., Takatori, C., Shimizu, H., Privitera, R., A planning framework to evaluate demands and preferences by different social groups for accessibility to urban greenspaces, Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society,, 36, 346-362, 2018.01.
3. Kawaguchi, N., Shimizu, H., Takatori, C, The Analysis of Land Use Characteristics Using the Indexes of Openness and Compactness of Non-built Up Areas Related to Green Coverage of City Blocks, Journal of Sustainable Urbanization and Regeneration, 1, 1, 31-42, 2015.01.