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List of Presentations
Yuichi Ichikawa Last modified date:2021.06.15

Associate Professor / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Y. Ichikawa, Nuclear moment studies using spin-oriented RI beams, REIMEI Workshop on Universal Features of Quantum Flows with Spin, Orbital and Tensor Correlations, 2020.02.
2. Y. Ichikawa, Nuclear-moment measurements of exotic nuclei using spin-oriented RI beams at RIBF, 14th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference 2019 (APPC2019), 2019.11.
3. Y. Ichikawa, Interplay between nuclear shell evolution and shape deformation revealed by the magnetic moment of 75Cu, RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar, 2019.02.
4. Y. Ichikawa, Nuclear magnetic dipole moments measured with spin-oriented RI beams at RIKEN RIBF, The International Conference on HYPERFINE Interactions and Applications (HYPERFINE 2019), 2019.02.
5. Y. Ichikawa, Nuclear moment measurement using spin-oriented RI beam at RIBF, International Symposium on RI Beam Physics in the 21st Century: 10th Anniversary of RIBF, 2017.12.
6. Y. Ichikawa, Nuclear moment measurements using spin-aligned RI beam at RIBF, ANL Physics Division Seminar, 2017.11.
7. Y. Ichikawa, Magnetic moment measurement of isomeric state of 75Cu using spin-aligned RI beam at RIBF, Advances in Radioactive Isotope Sceinces (ARIS) 2017, 2017.05.
8. Y. Ichikawa, Magnetic moment measurement using spin-aligned beam at RIBF, RIBF Users Meeting 2016, 2016.09.
9. Y. Ichikawa, Search for electric dipole moment of 129Xe using active nuclear spin maser, 7th International Workshop on Fundamental Physics Using Atoms (FPUA 2014), 2014.03.
10. Y. Ichikawa, Experimental search for atomic EDM in 129Xe at Tokyo Tech., An ICTS Program on CP Violation in Elementary Particles and Composite Systems, 2013.02.
11. Y. Ichikawa, Production of spin-controlled RI beams, RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar, 2012.12.
12. Y. Ichikawa, Experimental study of EDM in 129Xe atom using nuclear-spin maser, 6th International Workshop on Fundamental Physics using Atoms (FPUA 2012), 2012.09.
13. Y. Ichikawa, Spin manipulation of RI beams from two-stage projectile fragmentation reaction, Advanced Studies Institute on Symmetries and Spin (Spin-Praha-2012), 2012.07.