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Mao Kudo Last modified date:2024.06.27

Assistant Professor / Department of Media Design / Faculty of Design

1. Mao Kudo, Graphic Design of Pictograms Focusing on the comprehension of People with Intellectual Disabilities
– The next step in standardization: Pictogram Design and Evaluation Methods, Visible Language, 0022-2224, 56, 3, 58-85, 2022.12, [URL], The main objective of this research was to verify the design of pictograms following standardization and the method of comprehension test. Nineteen adults with intellectual disabilities were tested to determine the design of pictograms that are easy to understand while recalling wayfinding situations.The results showed that five graphic elements were effective in increasing pictogram comprehension.In addition, the relationship between IQ and easily comprehensible pictograms suggested that the motion line and the actual orientation were more easily understood by the group with lower IQ.Pictograms were standardized by AIGA | USDOT( American Institute of Graphic Arts | United States Department of Transportation) in 1974 and have brought many benefits to the public. However, because pictograms were made abstract to increase their versatility, many of them are difficult to understand, such as for people with Intellectual Disabilities and dementia.To fulfill the original purpose of pictograms and non-verbal communication, we are considering pictogram design as the next step after standardization and the ideal method of surveying the level of understanding..