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List of Papers
Koji Tsukuda Last modified date:2023.02.17

Associate Professor / Department of Mathematical Sciences / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Koji Tsukuda, Error Bounds for the Normal Approximation to the Length of a Ewens Partition, Pioneering Works on Distribution Theory, 55-73, 2020.12.
2. Koji Tsukuda, Yoichi Nishiyama, Weak convergence of marked empirical processes in a Hilbert space and its applications, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 14, 2, 3914-3938, 2020.10.
3. Koji Tsukuda,Hiroshi Kurata, Covariance structure associated with an equality between two general ridge estimators, Statistical Papers, 61, 3, 1069-1084, 2020.06.
4. Koji Tsukuda,Shuhei Mano,Toshimichi Yamamoto, Bayesian approach to discriminant problems for count data with application to multilocus short tandem repeat dataset, Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 19, 2, 2020.04.
5. Koji Tsukuda, Shun Matsuura, High-dimensional testing for proportional covariance matrices, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 171, 412-420, (Supplementary material有), 2019.05.
6. Koji Tsukuda, Yasushi Nagata, Asymptotic theory of Taguchi's natural estimators of the signal to noise ratio for dynamic robust parameter design, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 44, 22, 4734-4741, 2015.11.
7. Koji Tsukuda, Yoichi Nishiyama, On L2 space approach to change point problems, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 149, 46-59, 2014.06.