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List of Papers
Yujie Gu Last modified date:2021.06.23

Assistant Professor / Mathematical Informatics / Department of Informatics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Bar Sadeh, Yujie Gu, Itzhak Tamo, Bounds on the Capacity of PIR over Graphs, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 2021.07.
2. Shohei Satake, Yujie Gu, On Compressed Sensing Matrices Breaking the Square-Root Bottleneck , IEEE Information Theory Workshop , 2021.04.
3. Jinping Fan, Hung-Lin Fu, Yujie Gu, Ying Miao, Maiko Shigeno, Strongly separable matrices for nonadaptive combinatorial group testing, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2021.03.
4. Jinping Fan, Yujie Gu, Masahiro Hachimori, Ying Miao, Signature Codes for Weighted Binary Adder Channel and Multimedia Fingerprinting, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory , 2021.01.
5. Yujie Gu, Shohei Satake, On 2-parent-identifying set systems of block size 4 , Designs, Codes and Cryptography , 2020.10.
6. Shohei Satake, Yujie Gu, Constructions of Complex Codebooks Asymptotically Meeting the Welch Bound: A Graph Theoretic Approach , IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 2020.06.
7. Jing Jiang, Yujie Gu, Minquan Cheng, Multimedia IPP codes with efficient tracing , Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2020.05.
8. Yujie Gu, Jinping Fan, Ying Miao, Improved Bounds for Separable Codes and B2 Codes , IEEE Communications Letters , 2020.01.
9. Yujie Gu, Minquan Cheng, Grigory Kabatiansky, Ying Miao, Probabilistic Existence Results for Parent-Identifying Schemes , IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2019.10.
10. Yujie Gu, Ying Miao, Union–intersection-bounded families and their applications, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2019.08.
11. Yujie Gu, Ofer Shayevitz, On the Non-Adaptive Zero-Error Capacity of the Discrete Memoryless Two-Way Channel , IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 2019.07.
12. Yujie Gu, Ying Miao, Bounds on Traceability Schemes , IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2018.05.