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Hiroko Kinoshita Last modified date:2021.10.30

Associate Professor / Conparative and International Education Studies / Department of Education / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. The Moment When “Atmosphere” is Worded: Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Atmosphere Originated in Everyday Life of an Elementary School.
2. The meaning of ambience prompted by the classroom group assessment : The hermeneutic phenomenology of ambience based on the participation in an elementary school
This paper aims at describing the meaning of ambience (group atmosphere or climate) in a school where the classroom group assessment (e.g. Q-U) has been adopted. For this purpose, teachers' utterances and doings with regard to atmosphere and the assessment were collected as episodes and interpreted, through the participation in an elementary school. The hermeneutic phenomenology on these episodes disclosed the following: 1) the teachers took ambience as "subjective" experience, which was situated in the "objectivity-subjectivity" framework that was peculiar to school culture, and 2) the meaning was structured more rigid within the school situations. These qualities were interpreted as possible background conditions for teachers to estimate their own experiences and their words less valid and groundless. Finally, the role of the classroom group assessment was discussed..
3. Where is the Quality? : Rethinking "Qualitative Research" for Starting it(HOW CAN WE DESCRIBE THE SENSE OF QUALITY FELT IN FIELD SITES?).
4. Toward phenomenology of ambience : Based on the ambience experienced as a volunteer in an elementary school
This paper aims at presenting phenomenology of ambience in an elementary school setting. When I (the author) experienced the specific ambience at school volunteer activities, the question of what ambience itself was occurred to me. Then, basing my own experience, I started tackling it. Through a reflection on my approach to the question, it became clear that this process was understood as phenomenology itself. In this paper, it is tried to describe an ambience with three episodes that I encountered in the elementary school during five years and to bring the situation of interpenetration between the ambience and myself into light. The situation can be represented the expression that "I will manage to be here", in other words, I am involved in the ambience while preserving my own existence. In short, it is understood that I had already engaged in phenomenology of ambience in that situation..