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List of Presentations
Nagao Masanori Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Department of Chemical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. 長尾匡憲, Precise Design of Star Polymers for Controlling the Interactions with the Target Biomolecules, 日本化学会 第104春季年会, 2024.04.
2. 長尾匡憲、堀江彩、三浦佳子, Continuous flow photoinduced polymerization in a packed bed reactor
, The 2023 Joint Symposium on Green Chemistry and Clean Technology, 2023.11.
3. 長尾匡憲、三浦佳子, Topological Design of Star Glycopolymers for Controlling the Interactions with the Influenza virus, Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CSChE 2023), 2023.10.
4. Masanori Nagao, Teruhiko Matsubara, Yu Hoshino, Toshinori Sato, Yoshiko Miura, De novo design of synthetic polymers toward an influenza hemagglutinin inhibitor