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List of Presentations
Kusumoto Buntaro Last modified date:2022.06.01

Assistant Professor / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Fujinuma, J, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Kubota, Y, Revealing ecological advantage of plant clonality at the macroecological scale Session: Macroecological analysis and modelling of vegetation patterns, The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2017.06.
2. Kubota, Y, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Ulrich, W, Phylogenetic community assembly of angiosperm trees along climatic and geographical gradients, The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2017.06.
3. Fukaya, K, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Fujinuma, J, Kubota, Y, Macro-scale species abundance distribution inferred from widespread vegetation plot data, The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2017.06.
4. Shiono, T, Kusumoto, B, Yasuhara, M, Kubota, Y, Effect of selective extinction and range shift on diversity patterns of temperate flora through the Cenozoic, The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2017.06.
5. Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Kubota, Y, Combining trait-based ecology and ethnobotany: impacts of biodiversity loss on timber provisioning service, The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2017.06.
6. Kubota, Y, B. Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Fukaya, K, Species pool properties tell historical diversification processes: species abundance, phylogenetic and functional structure of woody plants on East Asian archipelago, The 61th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2018.07.
7. Kusumoto, B, Aakala, T, Kuuluvainen, T, Shiono, T, Kubota, Y, Global-scale assessment of forest management impacts on biodiversity patterns, The 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology, 2018.06.
8. Shiono, T, Kusumoto, B, Fujinuma, J, Nakadai, R, Kubota, Y, Biodiversity gradients of woody plants along latitude and elevation: the role of functional group-specific cold tolerance, The 61th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2018.07.
9. Kusumoto, B, Nakadai, R, Shiono, T, Kubota, Y, Beta diversity of angiosperm tree communities: roles of climate and geography, The 61th IAVS Annual Symposium, 2018.07.
10. Kubota, Y, Shiono, T, Kusumoto, B, Global patterns of woody plants height: combining analysis of forest plots data and species functional traits, The 62nd IAVS Annual Symposium, 2019.07.
11. Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Chao, A, Eiserhardt, W, Fujinuma, J, Kubota, Y, Environmental and socio-economic drivers of insufficiency and uncertainty in biodiversity estimates: a comparison of wood plant diversity among biogeographical regions, The 9th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society, 2019.01.
12. Fujinuma, J, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Suzuki, R, Kubota, Y, Conservation assessment card: decision support tool for land-use planning in Japan, British Ecological Society 2019 Annual Meeting, 2019.12.
13. Fujinuma, J, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Yap, S.L, Hu, J-M, Pelser, P.B, Alejado, M.D, Amoroso, V.B, Balangcod, T.D, Banag, C.I, Barcelona, J.F, Calaramo, M.A, Coritico, F.P, Evangelista, L.T, Medecilo, M.M.P, Geraldino, P.J.L, Hadsall, A.S, Tangdang, D.N. Zamudio, S.G.S, Kubota, Y, Beta diversity of woody plants in east Asian tropics and temperate insular biotas: The roles of geohistorical and ecological processes throughout the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan, 56th Annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, 2019.08.
14. Fujinuma, J, Kusumoto, B, Shiono, T, Kubota, Y, A challenge to plant biodiversity shortfalls in Malesian region: databasing species occurrences and functional traits, 11th Flora Malesiana Symposium, 2019.07.
15. 楠本聞太郎, 久保田康裕, 塩野貴之, Environmental filters act differently for exotic plant species from different origins: a case study of Japan, British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, 2019.12.
16. 楠本聞太郎, 塩野貴之, Anne Chao, Wolf Eiserhardt, 久保田康裕, Mapping potential diversity of woody plants scale using diversity estimation approach with a global occurrence data, The 62nd IAVS Annual Symposium, 2019.08.
17. 楠本聞太郎, Overviewing ex-situ conservation for plants in Japan, Symposium on Conservation of plant diversity in the East Asian islands: toward strengthen the effectiveness of ex-situ conservation, 2019.05.
18. 楠本聞太郎, Macroecology and systematic conservation planning with species occurrence records: from the East Asian islands to the world, Symposium on Asian Biodiversity Data and Research, 2019.01.
19. 楠本聞太郎, Biodiversity estimates of stony coral species: regional and global-scale analysis, Biodiversity estimation in time and space: a macroecological perspective of community assembly and diversity patterns, 2018.10.
20. 楠本聞太郎, Spatial conservation prioritization of plant biodiversity: how to balance between species usefulness, endangered status and endemicity, Plant biodiversity in Asia: macroecological patterns and conservation planning, 2018.03.
21. 楠本聞太郎, Conservation prioritization of the Ryukyu archipelago: a multi-scale analysis demonstrates the nation-level importance and intra-regional priority areas, 国際シンポジウム 生物多様性保全科学の最前線:マクロ生態学とシステム化保全計画をつなぐ, 2017.03.