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Matsuo Hisae Last modified date:2023.05.19

Professor / Counseling and Health Center

1. Okahara K, Ohsawa M, Haruta-Tsukamoto A, Miyoshi R, Funahashi H, Fukutani Y, Makita S, Matsuo H, Ishida Y, Frailty improvement by multicomponent drug, ninjin’yoeito, in mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer’s disease patients: An open-label exploratory study (FRAMINGO)., Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports, 10.3233, 1, 7, 107-117, ADR-220074, 2023.01.
2. Tomoko Takegishi ,Noriko Yamamoto , Naoki Hirabayashi , Suguru Hasuzawa , Masahide Koda , Zhengguo Huang , Na Li ,Hisae Matsuo , Takeshi Sato, Comparison of Illness behavior between Japanese and Chinese patients with somatoform disorders, Asian Jounal of Medicine and Health, 20, 11, 81-86, 2022.09, [URL].
3. Noriko Yamamoto, Takeshi Sato, Yusaku Omodaka, Hisae Matsuo, Suguru Hasuzawa, Masahide Koda, Niwako Yamawaki, The Differences in Attitude Toward Mental Health Services Between Japanese and American College Students, Asian Social Science, 10.5539/ass.v18n5p23, 18, 5, 23-23, 2022.04.
4. Takeshi Sato, Noriko Yamamoto, Yusaku Omodaka, Hisae Matsuo, Development of College Mental Health Questionnaire for Psychological Screening at the Entrance of College, Information, 25, 1, 85-103, 2022.03.
5. Yu Miyahara, Ayaka Haruta-Tsukamoto, Hideki Funahashi, Hisae Matsuo, Anna Kanemaru-Kawazoe, Toshikazu Nishimori, Yasushi Ishida, Differential onset time of mirtazapine on pruritus and depression in a patient receiving hemodialysis., SAGE open medical case reports, 10.1177/2050313X20988408, 9, 2050313X20988408, 2021.01.
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10. Hironori Yada, Hiroshi Abe, Xi Lu, Yuko Wakizaki, Hisamitsu Omori, Hisae Matsuo, Yasushi Ishida, Takahiko Katoh, Job-related stress in psychiatric nurses in Japan caring for elderly patients with dementia., Environmental health and preventive medicine, 10.1007/s12199-014-0414-6, 19, 6, 436-43, 2014.11.
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13. Ryoei Miyoshi, Hisae Matsuo, Keiko Naono-Nagatomo, Kazuhiko Ozono, Ryuji Araki, Michiko Ishikawa, Hiroshi Abe, Hiroshi Taniguchi, Yasushi Ishida, Weight control in schizophrenic patients through Sakata's Charting of Daily Weight Pattern and its associations with temperament and character., Asian journal of psychiatry, 10.1016/j.ajp.2013.10.018, 7, 1, 52-7, 2014.02.
14. Aki Kuramashi, Hiroshi Abe, Go Koganemaru, Hisae Matsuo, Tetsuya Ikeda, Kosuke Ebihara, Hideki Funahashi, Ryuichiro Takeda, Toshikazu Nishimori, Yasushi Ishida, Effect of blonanserin on methamphetamine-induced disruption of latent inhibition and c-Fos expression in rats., Neuroscience letters, 10.1016/j.neulet.2013.06.020, 549, 97-102, 2013.08.
15. KAI Yukiko, ABE Hiroshi, TABATA Chihoko, Importance Job Continuity in Performance of Patient Safety Officers -Based on Comparative Survey by Experience Using "Job Attitude Scale for Patient Safety Officers"-, 医療の質・安全学会誌, 7, 2, 113-123, 2012.05.
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