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List of Papers
Paul Joseph Vitta Last modified date:2021.06.16

Associate Professor / Faculty of Languages and Cultures / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Joseph P. Vitta, AR Woollock, Improving Korean University EFL Program Instruction through Language Learning Strategy Research, Asian EFL Journal, 21, 2.1, 113-138, 2019.03.
2. Joseph P. Vitta, Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Scopus- and SSCI-indexed L2 Journals: A List for the Asia TEFL Community, The Journal of Asia TEFL,, 2017.12.
3. Joseph P. Vitta, Dayna Jost, Alexis Pusina, A Case Study Inquiry into the Efficacy of Four East Asian EAP Writing Programmes: Presenting the Emergent Themes, RELC JOURNAL, 10.1177/0033688217730145, 50, 1, 71-85, 2019.04.
4. Joseph P. Vitta, Ali H. Al-Hoorie, The flipped classroom in second language learning: A meta-analysis, LANGUAGE TEACHING RESEARCH, 10.1177/1362168820981403, 2020.12.
5. Christopher Nicklin, Joseph P. Vitta, Effect-Driven Sample Sizes in Second Language Instructed Vocabulary Acquisition Research, MODERN LANGUAGE JOURNAL, 10.1111/modl.12692, 105, 1, 218-236, 2021.03.
6. Phil Hiver, Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Joseph P. Vitta, Janice Wu, Engagement in language learning: A systematic review of 20 years of research methods and definitions, LANGUAGE TEACHING RESEARCH, 10.1177/13621688211001289, 2021.03.
7. Ali H. Al-Hoorie; Joseph P. Vitta, The seven sins of L2 research: A review of 30 journals' statistical quality and their CiteScore, SJR, SNIP, JCR Impact Factors, LANGUAGE TEACHING RESEARCH, 10.1177/1362168818767191, 23, 6, 727-744, N/A, 2019.11.