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List of Presentations
Iikubo Satoshi Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Anomalous Hall effect of Y_Nd_xMo_2O_7.
2. Transport and Magnetic Properties of Y_R_xMo_2O_7(R=Nd,Eu).
3. Growth of Large Single Crystals of the T^*-Type High-Te System.
4. Non-existence of effects of the dynamical "stripes" on the in-plane phonon mode in YBCO_.
5. Search for effects of the "stripe" order or fluctuation in T^*-type Cu oxides.
6. Incommensurate peak in the magnetic excitation spectra of YBa_2Cu_3O_.
7. Hall resistivity of MCr_2S_4(M=Fe, Cu).
8. Anomalous Hall Effect of Nd_Y_xMi_2M_yO_7(M=Ti.V.W).
9. Neutron Diffraction Study on the Spin-Ice System Ho_2Ti_2O_7.
10. Spin Dynamics of Magnetically Frustrated Pyrochlore System Tb_2Ti_2O_7.
11. Magnetic Excitation of the T^*-Type High-Tc System.
12. Magnetic Structure of Spinel Compound MnCr_2S_4.
13. Neutron Scattering Studies of Pyrochlore Compound Nd_2Mo_2O_7 in Magnetic Fields.
14. Magnetic and transport prperties of Nd_2Mo_Cr_xO_7.
15. Unconventional Anomalous Hall Effect and the Magnetic Structure of Cr_3Te_4.
16. Is there any effect of the dynamical "stripes" on the in-plane phonon mode in YBa_2Cu_3O_y ?.
17. Magnetic and transport properties of Cu_A_xCr_T_ySe_4.
18. Magnetic Structure and Anomarous Hall Effect of a Cu_Zn_xCr_2Se_4.
19. Anomalous Hall Effects and Magnetic Structure of Nd_2Mo_2O_7.
20. Studies on the Magnetic Excitation Spectra of High-Te Superconductors.
21. magnetic structure of Cu_Zn_xCr_2Se_4 : ^Cr-NMR.
22. Successive Phase Transitions of TbBaCo_2O_ : Neutron Scattering Study.
23. Structure and Spin State of NdBaCo_2O_ : Neutron Diffraction.
24. Pressure-induced metal-insulator transition of Pr_Ca_xCoO_3.
25. Neutron Scattering Studies of SrFe_Co_xO_3.
26. Studies on the Magnetic Excitation Spectra of High-T_e Superconductors.
27. Magnetic Excitation Spectra of La_Nd_Sr_CuO_4.
28. 28pXC-17 Structures and Spin States of NdBaCo_2O_ : Neutron Scattering.
29. 28aXE-8 Magnetic Excitation Spectra of La_Nd_Sr_xCuO_4.
30. 28aXE-7 High-energy Phonons of La_Nd_Sr_CuO_4.
31. 27aXB-7 Synthesis, and Transport and Magnetic properties of Na_xRhO_2.
32. 14pRD-3 Magnetic Excitation Spectra of La_Sr_CuO_4.
33. 13aRC-9 Growth of Large Single Crystals of Na_xCoO_2 and their Neutron Scattering.
34. 12pRC-12 Magnetic Structure of Sr_2MnO_.
35. 12aRB-6 Dynamics of Charge Ordering in NdBaCo_2O_5 : Neutron Scattering.
36. 27aTA-6 Anomalous Hall Effects and Magnetic Structure of Nd_2Mo_2O_7 : Does the chirality model determine the behavior of the Anomalous Hall Effect of Nd_2Mo_2O_7?.
37. 25pWF-9 Magnetic Neutron Scattering of Na_xCoO_2 single crystals with x~0.30 and ~0.50.
38. 25pPSA-31 Effect of "stripes" on the Magnetic Excitation Spectra of High-Tc Cu-oxides.
39. 24pWF-4 Magnetic and Charge Ordering Transitions of PrBaCo_2C_5.
40. 20aPS-49 Local structure analysis of Mn oxide nanoparticle.
41. 26aXH-3 Magnet Volume Effect of Mn_3(Cu_Ge_x)N.
42. 21aWE-9 NMR study on Mn_3Cu_Ge_xN with large negative thermal expansion.
43. 21aWE-10 Magnetic structure of Mn_3Cu_Ge_xN.
44. 21aPS-82 PDF analysis on local lattice structure of multiferroic system BiMnO_3.
45. 20pRB-15 Magnetic structure of Mn3(Cu_Ge_x)N.
46. Magnetovolume Effect on Antiperovskite-type Manganese Nitrides : Relationship to the magnetic structure and the local structure.
47. 25pWL-15 Magnetic Structure of CoZn(TeO_3)Br_2.
48. 20pQE-1 Neutron-scattering study of magnetic correlation in Bi2201 with superconductor phase.
49. 20pPSA-41 Magnetic structure of Mn_3Cu_Ge_xN.
50. 30aTC-4 Neutron scattering study of novel superconductor Fe(Se_Te_x)_y.
51. 30aTC-3 Neutron-scattering study of structural and magnetic transitions in FeTe_ under high pressure.
52. 27aTJ-7 Hole doping dependence of the spin excitation spectrum in Bi2201 superconductor.
53. 27aTJ-5 Fe substitution effect on static spin correlation in under- and over-doped LSCO.
54. 27aTJ-4 High-energy spin excltations in superconducting Bi2201 system studied by pulsed-neutron-scattering measurement.
55. 26aWG-12 Nature of spin fluctuations in under and over-doped regions of Fe-doped LSCO.
56. 26aWG-11 Study of diagonal incommensurate spin correlation in lightly-doped Bi_Sr_CuO_.
57. 23aPS-52 Neutron inelastic scattering study of single crystal Fe(Se_Te_x)_y.
58. 22pGC-4 Pressure Effect on Magnetic Ordering in Antiperovskite manganese nitrides.
59. Application of The First-Principles Calculations into The Calculation of Phase Diagram.