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Kazushi Morimoto Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Department of Chemo-Pharmaceutical Sciences / Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

1. Determination of the responsible gene for oxidized phosphatidylcholine translocation in apoptosis.
2. Structural analysis of prostaglandin receptors to elucidate the signaling mechanism.
3. Lysosomal lipid peroxidation promotes ferroptosis induction.
4. Identification of thermostabilizing mutations for G-protein coupled receptors: Rapid method based on statistical thermodynamics.
5. Theoretical Identification of Hot-Spot Residues to be Mutated Common in G Protein-Coupled Receptors of Class A.
6. シリルアリールトリフラート型のチエノベンザイン前駆体の合成と多置換ベンゾチオフェン合成への応用.
7. マスト細胞炎症性応答におけるプロスタサイクリンIP受容体の役割.
8. マスト細胞炎症性応答に対するプロスタサイクリンIP受容体の役割.
9. プロスタサイクリンIP受容体がマスト細胞炎症性応答に与える影響.
10. Towards structure determination of the human prostanoid receptor bound to the antibody.
11. プロスタグランジンI2によるマスト細胞応答の制御.