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Koji Nuida Last modified date:2021.06.04

Professor / Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Koji Nuida, Cryptographic Pseudorandom Generators Can Make Cryptosystems Problematic, Proceedings of PKC 2021 (Part II), 10.1007/978-3-030-75248-4_16, LNCS, 12711, 441-468, 2021.05.
2. Koji Nuida, Takuro Abe, Shizuo Kaji, Toshiaki Maeno, Yasuhide Numata, A mathematical problem for security analysis of hash functions and pseudorandom generators, International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 10.1142/S0129054115500100, 26, 2, 169-194, 2015.02.