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List of Presentations
Hsin-Ni Ho Last modified date:2023.03.19

Associate Professor / Interaction Design course / Department of Media Design / Faculty of Design

1. Kameyama, N, Watanabe, J, Ho, H.-N, Verification of the effect of feeling heartbeat by touch on social distance, ハプティクス研究委員会 第29回研究会., 2022.11.
2. Yamashita, A, Watanabe, J, Ho, H.-N, Verification in the transmission of emotion through a haptic device, ハプティクス研究委員会 第29回研究会, 2022.11.
3. Jodai, T, Ho, H.-N, Determination of the thermal-tactile simultaneity window for multisensory displays, ハプティクス研究委員会 第29回研究会, 2022.11.
4. Physiological and Psychological Effects of Body Projection Mapping.
5. Jones, L.A, Ho, H.-N, Thermal and tactile sensing and the development of multisensory cutaneous displays, RoboTac 2021: New Advances in Tactile Sensation, Interactive Perception, Control, and Learning, 2021.09.
6. Hsin-Ni Ho, Importance of relaying warmth in this pandemic time, Smell, Taste, and Temperature Interfaces Workshop at CHI 2021, 2021.05.
7. Colour-temperature relationship in natural texture images revealed by domain adaptation.
8. Visual inference for warm/cold perception of surfaces.
9. Is touching believing? Color influence in object temperature perception.
10. Thermal-tactile Integration in Object Temperature Perception.
11. Physical-Perceptual Correspondence for Dynamic Thermal Stimulation.
12. Crossmodal influence on object temperature perception.
13. Tactile influence on temperature perception.
14. Thermal modeling for material identification.
15. 触覚の多感覚統合: 温度と色の知覚相互作用.
16. 物体の温度知覚に色情報が与える影響.
17. 色と温度の相互作用:赤い物体よりも青い物体に触れたときのほうが温かく感じやすい.
18. A study on color-temperature interactions.
19. Timing difference between subjective and physical temperature peaks in warm and cold senses.
20. Effects of color on perceived temperature.
21. A study on thermal-colour correspondences.
22. The Effects of Temperature on Impulse Control.
23. 温度感覚と触覚の統合メカニズム.
24. Somatotopic or Spatiotopic? Frame of reference for localizing thermal sensations under thermo-tactile interactions.
25. Thermal referral: A filling-in phenomenon that involves cross-modal processing of thermal and tactile stimuli.
26. Mechanisms underlying referral of thermal sensations to sites of tactile stimulation.
27. Thermal sensations redistribute within the tactile boundary.
28. Feeling of cooling on a non-stimulated skin site: Effect of vascular response on thermal perception.
29. Thermal intensity perception under thermo-tactile interaction.
30. Influence of contact conditions on thermal responses of the hand.
31. Revealing invisible traces of human-object interactions with thermal vision.
32. Perceptual thermal uniformity created by thermal referral.
33. 温度感覚における触覚の役割.
34. Role of Touch in thermal localization.
35. Revealing the effects of finger position on referred thermal sensation.
36. Monitoring skin temperature during hand-object interactions.
37. Revealing invisible traces of human-object interactions with thermal vision.
38. Whole-Body Vibration Influences Sound Localization in the Median Plane.
39. Discrimination of Referred Thermal Sensation with Uncrossed and Crossed Fingers.
40. Model-based Thermal Display for Object Discrimination.