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Hsin-Ni Ho Last modified date:2023.03.19

Associate Professor / Interaction Design course / Department of Media Design / Faculty of Design

1. 質感と感性コミュニケーションに大事な温度感覚.
2. Color-temperature correspondence: Its nature and its impact on object temperature perception.
3. HO Hsin‐Ni, WATANABE Junji, ANDO Hideyuki, KASHINO Makio, Discrimination of Referred Thermal Sensation with Uncrossed and Crossed Fingers, 日本バーチャルリアリティ学会大会論文集(CD-ROM), Vol.12th, p.2A3-3, 2007.05.
4. 物体の温度知覚に色情報が与える影響.
5. Thermal modeling for material identification.
6. Tseng Chia-huei, Ho Hsin-Ni, Watanabe Junji, Room Escape: A New Way for Visual Science Outreach, VISION, Vol.30, No.1, pp.11-15, 2018.08.
7. 体性感覚―What’s New 異種感覚との相互作用 温度覚と色覚の感覚間相互作用.