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List of Presentations
Daisuke Kazukawa Last modified date:2024.04.13

Assistant Professor / Division of Algebra and Geometry / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Daisuke Kazukawa, Convergence of cones of metric measure spaces and its application to Cauchy distribution, Geometry and Probability 2023, 2023.08.
2. 数川大輔, Convergence of metric transformed spaces, The 6th China-Japan Geometry Conference, 2021.12.
3. Daisuke Kazukawa, Behavior of Ricci curvature and Laplacian via metric measure foliation, Exchange Program between Fudan University and Tohoku University, 2019.11.
4. Daisuke Kazukawa, Concentration of lp-product spaces, Geometry and Probability, 2019.02.
5. Daisuke Kazukawa, A new condition for convergence of energies and stability of Ricci curvature bounds, Geometry and Probability (Short Communication), 2018.01.