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List of Papers
Daisuke Kazukawa Last modified dateļ¼š2024.04.13

Assistant Professor / Division of Algebra and Geometry / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Daisuke Kazukawa, Hiroki Nakajima, Takashi Shioya, Topological aspects of the space of metric measure spaces, Geometriae Dedicata, 10.1007/s10711-024-00921-3, 218, 3, article number 68, 2024.04.
2. Esaki Syota, Daisuke Kazukawa, Ayato Mitsuishi, Invariants for Gromov's pyramids and their applications, Advances in Mathematics,, 442, Article 109583, 2024.04.
3. Daisuke Kazukawa, Takashi Shioya, High-dimensional ellipsoids converge to Gaussian spaces, Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, 10.2969/jmsj/86648664, 2023.10.
4. Daisuke Kazukawa, Convergence of energy functionals and stability of lower bounds of Ricci curvature via metric measure foliation, Communications in Analysis and Geometry,, 30, 6, 1301-1354, 2023.04.
5. Daisuke Kazukawa, Convergence of metric transformed spaces, Israel Journal of Mathematics,, 252, 1, 243-290, 2022.09.
6. Daisuke Kazukawa, Concentration of product spaces, Anal. Geom. Metr. Spaces, 9, 1, 186-218, 2021.12.
7. Daisuke Kazukawa, Takumi Yokota, Boundedness of precompact sets of metric measure spaces, Geom. Dedicata, 215, 1, 229-242, 2021.09.
8. Daisuke Kazukawa, Ryunosuke Ozawa, Norihiko Suzuki, Stabilities of rough curvature dimension condition, J. Math. Soc. Japan, 72, 2, 541-567, 2020.04.