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List of Presentations
Satoko Yasuda Last modified date:2024.05.25

Professor / Department of Industrial and Business System / Faculty of Economics

1. Satoko Yasuda, Mobility and academic entrepreneurship of Japanese Scientists: Does overseas experience change behaviors towards knowledge transfer?, T2S (Technology Transfer Society) 2013 Conference, 2013.11.
2. Satoko Yasuda, Two types of mobility and their effects on academic entrepreneurship: snowball type mobility and rolling stone type mobility., 15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society 2014, 2014.07.
3. Satoko Yasuda, What makes scientists recognize the opportunity for knowledge transfer?, RCAST Workshop: Furthering the research enterprise to foster knowledge transfer and commercialization, 2015.06.
4. Satoko Yasuda, Exploring Diverse Effects of Four Types of Mobility on University Entrepreneurship., 12th ASIALICS International Conference, 2015.09.
5. Satoko Yasuda, What develops academic entrepreneurship? Case study on Japanese scientists., Technology Transfer Society (T2S) International Conference 2015, 2015.10.
6. Satoko Yasuda, Takehiko Yasuda., Social climate and innovation: do non-entrepreneurs’ attitudes toward start-ups impact entrepreneurship?, 16th Congress of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society, 2016.07.
7. Satoko Yasuda, Exploring the impacts of civil society on entrepreneurship: Case of Japan. , 2017 Annual Meeting of the Technology Transfer Society (T2S), 2017.11.
8. Satoko Yasuda, Informal university‐industry collaboration: How have leading Japanese scientists built linkages with business since the mid‐20th century?, Technology Transfer Society (T2S) Annual Conference 2018, 2018.10.