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Rie Sonoi Last modified dateļ¼š2024.05.01

Assistant Professor / Department of Chemical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Okazaki T., Sonoi R., Fukunaga M., Kajitani K., Tanaka Y., and Nakanishi Y., Development of Comprehension Evaluation System for Laws and Regulations of Regenerative Medicine, TERMIS World Congress, 2018.09.
2. Okazaki T., Kajitani K., Fukunaga M., Sonoi R., and Tanaka Y., and Nakanishi Y., Validation of analytical procedures using BacT/ALERT 3D Microbial Detection System, TERMIS World Congress, 2018.09.
3. Sonoi, R., Kim, M.H., and Kino-oka, M. , Analysis of maturation of human retinal pigment epithelial cells in confluent state through a measurement of cell migration, Aachen-Osaka Symposium, 2012.12.
4. Sonoi, R., Kim, M.H., and Kino-oka, M., Quantitative evaluation of human retinal epithelial cells in confluent states, The 11th Global COE international symposium, 2011.12.
5. Sonoi, R., Yamamoto, S., Hayashi, S., and Shioya, S., Growth Characteristics and Subsequent Chondrogenesis of Subcultured Human Chondrocyte in Cell Aggregate Culture under Low Oxygen Tension, Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2011, 2011.05.
6. Sonoi, R., Yamamoto, S., Hayashi, S., Furusaki, S., and Shioya, S., Cell aggregation and subsequent phenotype expression of multi-passaged human chondrocytes in rotational culture, Asia Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference, 2009.11.