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BOXUAN MA Last modified date:2023.10.03

Assistant Professor / Division for Theoretical Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Learning Path Recommendation Algorithms.
2. 馬, 博軒, 谷口, 雄太, 木實, 新一, Learning path recommendation in university environments based on sequence mining, 第81回全国大会講演論文集, Vol.2019, No.1, pp.287-288, 2019.02, Learning path recommendation system efficiently guides learners by constructing appropriate learning sequences from recommended learning materials to reach their goals. However, supporting active learning in the learning path recommendation systems for university environments is different from conventional mechanisms for recommending relevant online courses such as MOOCs. This paper analyzed different learning path patterns of students at Kyushu University and discussed the challenges to recommend appropriate learning sequence in university learning environments. Then we proposed an approach to address the challenges by designing a learning path recommendation mechanism based on sequence mining..