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Hayama Yasuyuki Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Department of Strategic Design / Faculty of Design

1. Yasuyuki Hayama, Francesco Zurlo, Narratives of change by design: A strategic design perspective toward alternative futures for sustainability., AND Rivista di architetture, città e architetti,, 2020.01, [URL].
2. Yasuyuki Hayama, Francesco Zurlo, Cabirio Cautela, Michele Melazzini, Narrative in design and business: a literature review and research agenda for the future, The 28th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, 1-20, 2021.05.
3. Yasuyuki Hayama, Francesco Zurlo, Toward societal transformation through design storytelling : A case study of brand designing in the mineral water industry in Finland., DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship,, 3, 2, 14-27, 2022.11.
4. Vanessa Monna, Yasuyuki Hayama, Nurturing public value for community resilience A tentative discussion around co-production of narratives through a civic design approach, DISCERN, the International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3, Spring issue, 44-53, 2022.05.
5. Y. Hayama, H. Desai, Educational Probe for Developing Online Education: A Case of Online Problem-Based Learning in Design Education in India, Proceedings of the Design Society, 10.1017/pds.2022.231, 2, 2283-2292, 2022.05, Abstract

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges and opportunities for higher education and one of the important areas was online education. Especially in design field, Online Problem-Based Learning has emerged as a promising method. This paper explores the potential of online-PBL and how it can be developed through a prototype approach. An action research in Indian HEI shows insights regarding the potentiality of online-PBL and application of a prototype approach to educational development activities. A concept of “educational probes” was proposed as a method to design educational program..
6. Italian Design Studies - Strategic Design of Product Service Systems for Sustainability.
7. Yasuyuki Hayama, Ammer Harb, MORE-THAN-DEATH: A Critical Design Future Narrative About the Tabooed Death, Journal of Futures Studies, 2023.04.
8. Emotional Design for Digital Experience: Future Values of Smartphone.
9. Yasuyuki Hayama, A Conception toward design narratives for innovation, Cumulus Antwerp Proceedings, 10.26530/9789401496476, 721-724, 2023.04.
10. Yasuyuki Hayama, DESIGN NARRATIVES AS WORLDMAKING FOR INNOVATION The discoursive mechanism of interpretation and sensemaking for the coevolution of problem and solution, Ph.D. dissertaion, Politecnico di Milano. , 2024.02.