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HIROSHI HOSHINO Last modified date:2021.09.01

Professor / Business and Technology Management / Department of Business and Technology Management / Faculty of Economics

1. 星野 裕志, Strategy of Small and Medium Business, Asia Pacific Academia Forum, 2021.07.
2. New Trend of Maritime Service -Expansion of Panama Canal.
3. Impact of Panama Canal Expansion since the expansion in June, 2016.
4. Impact of Panama Canal Expansion on Global Trade and F.D.I..
5. Maritime Cluster in Japan -Competition and Collaboration-.
6. 星野 裕志, Market Entry Strategies in Developing Countries -Creating New Methods-, #14 International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA), 2017.03, The purpose of this research is to analyze methods for entry into new markets, with cases which suggest ways for entry and expansion of business in developing countries, emerging market and BOP market for Japanese companies..
7. The Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion on Global Logistics and Trade.
8. Comparative study on Strategic Alliance of Shipping and Airline Industries.
9. The Impact of LNG Transport on Japanese Shipping Companies for Global Expansion.
10. 星野 裕志, Logistics Network in East Asia -Strategy of Ports in the Northern Kyushu Region, 7th Joint Conference by Renmin University of China, Nanjin University and Kyushu University, 2012.11, Current Situation and survival strategy of ports located in the Northern Kyushu Region in the harsh competition among ports in East Asia and in Japan..
11. An approach of Multinational Corporations to developing countries.
12. Competition and Collaboration among Container Ports.
13. Maritime Policy of the United States.
14. An analysis on the Structure Supporting Global Liner Operation.
15. Strategies of Logistics Service Provider.
16. 「Positioning of Ports in the Kyushu Region in the Changing Environment of Logistics」
, [URL].
17. 「Transition from Ethno-centric to Global Operation」
The Korean Association of Shipping and Logistics.
18. Global Operation under the Ethno-centric Management- A Case of Japanese Tramp Business.
19. A Study on Management of Intenational Airlines' Overseas Operation.
20. Strategic Alliance in Tramp Shipping.
21. Global Operations under the Decentralized Organization.
22. Global Operation of Japanese Tramp Shipping: A Case of LNG Transport Business.
23. Roots of Japanese Style International Management –Sogo Shosha-.
24. An Analysis of the Effects of Stakeholders on Corporate Strategies.