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List of Papers
Toshiyuki Sasaguri Last modified date:2019.06.26

Professor / Science for Biological Information / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Morishige S, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Ishikane S, Arioka M, Igawa K, Kuroo A, Tomooka K, Shiose A, Sasaguri T., 2,5-Dimethylcelecoxib prevents isoprenaline-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and cardiac fibroblast activation by inhibiting Akt-mediated GSK-3 phosphorylation., Biochem Pharmacol, in press, 2019.06.
2. Yoshihara T, Zaitsu M, Shiraishi F, Arima H, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Arioka M, Kajioka S, Sasaguri T., Influence of genetic polymorphisms and habitual caffeine intake on the changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, and calculation speed after caffeine intake: A prospective, double blind, randomized trial in healthy volunteers., J Pharmacol Sci, 139, 3, 209-214, 2019.03.
3. Fujita A, Hayamizu K, Yoshihara T, Zaitsu M, Shiraishi F, Arima H, Matsuo K, Shiokawa K, Setoguchi H, Sasaguri T., Effect of sex and polymorphisms of CYP2B6 and UGT1A9 on the difference between the target-controlled infusion predicted and measured plasma propofol concentration., JA Clinical Reports, 4, 59, 2018.01.
4. Hayamizu K, Morimoto S, Nonaka M, Hoka S, Sasaguri T., Cardiotonic actions of quercetin and its metabolite tamarixetin through a digitalis-like enhancement of Ca2+ transients., Arch Biochem Biophys, 637, 40-47, 2018.01.
5. Arioka M, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Tatsumoto N, Sasaguri T. , Inorganic phosphate-induced impairment of osteoclast cell-cell fusion by the inhibition of AP-1-mediated DC-STAMP expression., Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 493, 1, 9-13, 2017.11.
6. Arioka M, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Kubo M, Igawa K, Tomooka K, Sasaguri T., Anti-tumor effects of differentiation-inducing factor-1 in malignant melanoma: GSK-3-mediated inhibition of cell proliferation and GSK-3-independent suppression of cell migration and invasion., Biochem Pharmacol, 138, 31-48, 2017.08.
7. Nagano A, Arioka M, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Matsuzaki E, Sasaguri T., Celecoxib inhibits osteoblast maturation by suppressing the expression of Wnt target genes., J Pharmacol Sci, 133, 1, 18-24, 2017.01.
8. Fujita A, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Morimoto S, Yoshihara T, Arioka M, Igawa K, Tomooka K, Hoka S, Sasaguri T., 2,5-Dimethylcelecoxib prevents pressure-induced left ventricular remodeling through activation of GSK-3., Hypertens Res, 40, 2, 130-139, 2017.02.
9. Egashira I, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Nishida R, Arioka M, Igawa K, Tomooka K, Nakatsu Y, Tsuzuki T, Nakabeppu Y, Kitazono T, Sasaguri T., Celecoxib and 2,5-dimethylcelecoxib inhibit intestinal cancer growth by suppressing the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway., Cancer Sci, 108, 1, 108-115, 2017.01.
10. Tatsumoto N, Arioka M, Yamada S, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Tokumoto M, Tsuruya K, Kitazono T, Sasaguri T., Inhibition of GSK-3β increases trabecular bone volume but not cortical bone volume in adenine-induced uremic mice with severe hyperparathyroidism., Physiol Rep, 2016.11.
11. Noma T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Arioka M , Mori Y, Sasaguri T., Inhibition of GSK-3 reduces prostaglandin E2 production by decreasing the expression levels of COX-2 and mPGES-1 in monocyte/macrophage lineage cells., Biochem Pharmacol, 116, 120-129, 2016.09.
12. Mohamed R, Morimoto S, Ibrahim I, Zhan DY, Du CK, Arioka M, Yoshihara T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Sasaguri T., GSK3β heterozygous knockout is cardioprotective in a knock-in mouse model of familial dilated cardiomyopathy., Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 310, 11, H1808-H1815, 2016.06.
13. Kubokura N, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Arioka M, Yoshihara T, Igawa K, Tomooka K, Morimoto S, Nakatsu Y, Tsuzuki T, Nakabeppu Y, Matsumoto T, Kitazono T, Sasaguri T., Differentiation-inducing factor-3 inhibits intestinal tumor growth in vitro and in vivo., J Pharmacol Sci, 127, 4, 446-455, 2015.04.
14. Nonaka M, Morimoto S, Murayama T, Kurebayashi N, Li L, Wang YY, Arioka M, Yoshihara T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Sasaguri T., Stage-dependent benefits and risks of pimobendan in genetic dilated cardiomyopathy mice with progressive heart failure., Br J Pharmacol, 172, 9, 2369-2382, 2015.05.
15. Arioka M, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Sasaki M, Yoshihara T, Morimoto S, Hirata M, Mori Y, Sasaguri T., Acceleration of bone regeneration by local application of lithium: Wnt signal-mediated osteoblastogenesis and Wnt signal-independent suppression of osteoclastogenesis., Biochem Pharmacol, 90, 4, 397-405, 2014.08.
16. Takahashi-Yanaga F, Yoshihara T, Jingushi K, Igawa K, Tomooka K, Watanabe Y, Morimoto S, Nakatsu Y, Tsuzuki T, Nakabeppu Y, Sasaguri T., DIF-1 inhibits tumor growth in vivo reducing phosphorylation of GSK-3β and expressions of cyclin D1 and TCF7L2 in cancer model mice., Biochem Pharmacol, 89, 3, 340-348, 2014.06.
17. Kamide K, Asayama K, Katsuya T, Ohkubo T, Hirose T, Inoue R, Metoki H, Kikuya M, Obara T, Hanada H, Thijs L, Kuznetsova T, Noguchi Y,Sugimoto K, Ohishi M, Morimoto S, Nakahashi T, Takiuchi S, Ishimitsu T, Tsuchihashi T, Soma M, Higaki J, Matsuura H, Shinagawa T, Sasaguri T, Miki T, Takeda K, Shimamoto K, Ueno M, Hosomi N, Kato J, Komai N, Kojima S, Sase K, Miyata T, Tomoike H, Kawano Y, Ogihara T, Rakugi H, Staessen JA, Imai Y; GEANE study group; HOMED-BP study group, Genome-wide response to antihypertensive medication using home blood pressure measurements: a pilot study nested within the HOMED-BP study., Pharmacogenomics, 14, 14, 1709-1721, 2013.11.
18. Arioka M, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Sasaki M, Yoshihara T, Morimoto S, Takashima A, Mori Y, Sasaguri T., Acceleration of bone development and regeneration through the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in GSK-3β+/- mice., Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 440, 4, 677-682, 2013.11.
19. Matsumura K, Arima H, Tominaga M, Ohtsubo T, Sasaguri T, Fujii K, Fukuhara M, Uezono K, Morinaga Y, Ohta Y, Otonari T, Kawasaki J, Kato I, Tsuchihashi T,; The Comfort Investigators., Impact of antihypertensive medication adherence on blood pressure control in hypertension: the COMFORT study., QJM, 106, 10, 909-914, 2013.10.
20. Jingushi K, Nakamura T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Matsuzaki E, Watanabe Y, Yoshihara T, Morimoto S, Sasaguri T., Differentiation-inducing factor-1 suppresses the expression of c-Myc in the human cancer cell lines, J Pharmacol Sci, 121, 2, 103-109, 2013.02.
21. Kajioka S, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Shahab N, Onimaru M, Matsuda M, Takahashi R, Asano H, Morita H, Morimoto S, Yonemitsu Y, Hayashi M, Seki N, Sasaguri T, Hirata M, Nakayama S, Naito S., Endogenous cardiac troponin T modulates Ca(2+)-mediated smooth muscle contraction, Sci Rep, 2, 979, 2012.02.
22. Li L, Morimoto S, Take S, Zhan D-Y, Du, C-K, Wang, Y-Y, Fan X-L, Yoshihara T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Katafuchi T, Sasaguri T., Role of brain serotonin dysfunction in the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure, J Mol Cell Cardiol, 53, 6, 760-767, 2012.12.
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24. Jingushi, K., Takahashi-Yanaga, F., Yoshihara, T., Shiraishi, F., Watanabe, Y., Hirata, M., Morimoto, S., & Sasaguri, T., DIF-1 Inhibits the Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway by Inhibiting TCF7L2 Expression in Colon Cancer Cell Lines., Biochem Pharmacol, 83, 1, 47-56, 2012.01.
25. Yao, H., Miwa, Y., Takashima, Y., Yahara, K., Hashimoto, M., Uchino, A., Yuzuriha, T., & Sasaguri, T., Chronic kidney disease and subclinical lacunar infarction are independently associated with frontal lobe dysfunction in community-dwelling elderly subjects: the Sefuri brain MRI study., Hypertens Res, 34, 9, 1023-1028, 2011.09.
26. Sakata, S., Yoshihara, T., Arima, H., Shiraishi, F., Oniki, H., Takahashi-Yanaga, F., Matsumura, K., & Sasaguri, T., Differential effects of organic nitrates on arterial diameter among healthy Japanese participants with different mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 genotypes: randomised crossover trial., BMJ Open, 2011.07.
27. Fan, X., Takahashi-Yanaga, F., Morimoto, S., Zhan, D.-Y., Igawa, K., Tomooka, K., & Sasaguri, T., Celecoxib and 2,5-dimethyl-celecoxib prevent cardiac remodeling inhibiting Akt-mediated signal transduction in an inherited DCM mouse model., J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 2011.07.
28. Sasaguri, T., Shiraishi, F., Yoshihara, T., Takahashi-Yanaga, F., & Morimoto, S., β1-adrenergic receptor gene polymorphisms and the acute response to atenolol in healthy young Japanese subjects., J. Pharmacol. Sci., 115, 4, 490-499, 2011.04.
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