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List of Papers
Funahashi Kyoko Last modified date:2024.06.03

Associate Professor / Department of Environmental Changes / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Kyoko Funahashi , Gender Expression from the Jomon to Yayoi Periods in Western Japan: A Case Study of Ritual Tooth Extraction, Japanese Journal of archaeology , 9, 2, 145 -172, 2022.03, [URL].
2. Funahashi, K (2009) ‘Reconstructing Jomon society as seen from skeletal remains’, Archaeological Research (55)4, 12-27.
3. FUNAHASHI, Kyoko. and TANAKA, Yoshiyuki., Methods of Tooth Extraction in Prehistoric Japan and Korea:a comparative study. Interaction and Transformations, Interaction and Transformations, 2, 63-98, 2004.03.
4. Funahashi, K and Tanaka, Y (2001) ‘A study of the social meanings of lower tooth ablation in Yayoi period’ in Basic Structure of Human Societies, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies of Kyushu university (ed), Study of the History of Exchange between the Kyushu island and the Korean Peninsula, Fukuoka: Midori insatsu..
5. Funahashi, K (2003) ‘The age of tooth ablation and its ritual meanings in Jomon period’, Archaeological Research (50)1, 56-76.
6. Funahashi Kyoko., 2000. Social meaning of a ritual tooth ablation in Doigahama group. Kobunkadanso, 25:pp43-71.