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List of Presentations
Hayama Yasuyuki Last modified dateļ¼š2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Department of Strategic Design / Faculty of Design

1. Yasuyuki Hayama, Narrative in design and business: a literature review and research agenda for the future, The 28th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, Milan, Italy (online), 2021.05.
2. Yasuyuki Hayama, Envisioning of liquid consumption of digitalised arts: Innovation, creativeness, and transformation of nature and art assets, JSPS London Academic Conference, London, UK (online), 2021.12.
3. Yasuyuki Hayama, How do design narratives play roles in cognitive and social processes? An explorative-systematizing expert interview, Design! OPEN conference, Parma, Italy (online), 2022.05.
4. Yasuyuki Hayama, Educational Probe for Developing Online Education: A Case of Online Problem-Based Learning in Design Education in India, DESIGN 2022, 17th INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONFERENCE, Croatia (online), 2022.05, [URL].
5. Yasuyuki Hayama, MORE-THAN-DEATH: A Critical Design Future Narrative About the Tabooed Death, Global Design Futures Network 2023 Symposium & Workshop, 2023.11, [URL].
6. Yasuyuki Hayama, Ishaa Chaudhari, Emotional Design for Digital Experience: Future Values of Smartphone, Global Design Futures Network 2023 Symposium & Workshop, 2023.11.
7. Yasuyuki Hayama, A Conception toward Design Narratives for Innovation, CUMULUS ANTWERP 2023, PhD Network track, Antwerp, Belgium, 2023.04.