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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 School of Education Professor Edward Anthony Vickers Education, History
2 School of Education Associate Professor Hiroko Kinoshita environmental psychology, environment behavior research, human-environment studies for education and development
3 School of Education Associate Professor Hiroshi Ikeda Social psychology, Industrial and organizational psychology
4 School of Education Associate Professor HIROSHI KUME Theory of Instructional Strategies, Informational Technology for Education
5 School of Education Professor Hiroyuki Yamaguchi Social psychology, Group dynamics, Organizational behaviors
6 School of Education Professor HISAO TAKEKUMA Comparative Education
7 School of Education Professor Kazuhide Hashiya comparative-developmental psychology, primatology
8 School of Education Professor Kazuo (Kaz) Kato Personality/Social Psychology
9 School of Education Professor Kimura Takuya Sociology of Education, Educational Planning, Social Statistics ,Educational Measurement
10 School of Education Associate Professor Kiyoshi Eguchi education
11 School of Education Professor Koichi TOYA Clinical Psychology
12 School of Education Professor Masahiro MOTOKANE Educational Administration,School Law
13 School of Education Lecturer MASAHIRO TAKITA Local Design, Community Development, Community Design, Communication Design, Designing Education for Diverse Contexts
14 School of Education Lecturer NOMURA REIKA Clinical Psychology
15 School of Education Professor OKA SACHIE STUDY of ADULT and COMMUNITY EDUCATION
16 School of Education Associate Professor OZAWA Eiji Clinical Psychology
17 School of Education Associate Professor Reiji SASAKI Clinical Psychology
18 School of Education Professor Satoru Tanoue Studies of Educational Methods, Educational Practice Studies
19 School of Education Associate Professor Satoshi koga Clinical Psychology
20 School of Education Associate Professor Shuhei Kaneko Clinical Psychology, Humanistic Psychology
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